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"Oprah's It Girl" Mpumi Nobiva
Mpumi Nobiva

Some might say Nompumelelo “Mpumi” Nobiva was born lucky. As a gangly 13-year-old, she managed to convince Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King that she was an “It” girl … “I don’t know what I came up with; I didn’t even know what that meant!” Tall and athletic, Mpumi exudes the kind of energetic confidence of a young woman accustomed to attention. If she was unsure of her “it” status then, there’s no doubt about it now. Whatever she came up with sufficiently impressed “Mom O”: Mpumi was admitted to the inaugural class of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (OWLAG), which opened in 2007 in Henley-on-Klip, South Africa, and graduated in 2011 amongst the top of her class. It was all part of a communal expectation for Mpumi, whose name means “success” in Zulu.

Instagram: @mpumi_nobiva
Facebook: Mpumi Nobiva

Will "You Owe You" Wright
Will Wright

With over 20 years of military, defense contracting, and entrepreneurship experience, Will Wright is a dogged advocate for people wanting financial freedom and access to entrepreneurship. Mr. Wright has been a business owner in the lanes of financial services, construction, landscaping, investing for the last 8 years. Considered an expert in the financial, economic, and entrepreneur areas, he is frequently called upon to speak at various small businesses and distinguished non-profits. His body of work which exudes his standard of excellence makes him one of the most highly sought after speakers in the Central Texas area.

Shira Bland: The Queen of Trap Leadership
Shira Bland

Reginald S. Corbitt: Cyber Safety Expert

Reginald S. Corbitt
An award winning Leadership Development Professional and enthusiastic Millennial Activist, Shira Bland is the Author of "The 'M' Word: A Millennials Guide to Professionalism in the 21st Century". Written under her Pen Name Professor S, "The M Word" is a literary work based on her experiences as a young millennial of color in a post-recession professional world. 
Shira uses a blend of Hip Hop Music, Popular Culture, and Real Life Experiences to convey her theory of "Trap Leadership". Shira creates an interactive INvironment where audiences interact and build their own conclusions through intense discussions and tough dialog throughout the presentation.

Joe Zuniga: Motivation in Desperation

Joe Zuniga

Reginald is the founder of SafeCyber, whose mission is to educate and promote cyber awareness to schools, community organizations, parents and care takers of youth. The company provides information that's easy to understand along with tools and resources needed to stay safe and secure while being a part of the "connected community".

Reginald travels state to state raising awareness about cyber safety topics such as Cyberbullying, Dangers of Social Media Apps, Online Predators of children, and Digital Footprint and Reputation.

SafeCyber is a proud partner of STOP. THINK. CONNECT., the global cyber security education and awareness campaign led by the National Cyber Security Alliance and in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security.


Joe was born in Miami, Florida and currently lives in Tampa, Florida. He’s the product of a single mother with a Christian upbringing. Joe and his family were migrants that traveled throughout the country working in the fields, picking vegetables and fruits. He lived in government housing and attended a Head Start program through the Redlands Christian Migrant Association as a child.
As a teenager, Joe discovered a love for music and learned to play different instruments. He pursued music and aspired to become a recording artist; however, peer pressure and temptation led him towards the wrong crowd, and Joe eventually landed in prison. After prison, Joe received a degree in business, studied business in Europe, and launched his company Zuniga Marketing, Inc. Unfortunately, during this time, his mother’s health drastically deteriorated so Joe became her primary care taker as well.
Joe’s mother passed away on New Year’s 2015. She inspired him to tell his story and help others. Joe now performs his music and shares his powerful story in a unique, entertaining, and inspirational way at every memorable event. Currently, Joe is writing his first book – to be published later this year. In addition to sharing his own unique story, he hopes to be a voice through which others can share their stories.